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Manchester Alexander Technique
Training School Est. 2001
Develop optimum performance skills of confidence,
spontaneity and lightness and freedom in movement
MATTS Allumni

Malcolm Williamson
Manchester Alexander Technique Training School

c/o Royal Northern College of Music
124 Oxford Road
M13 9RD

Telephone: +44 (0)161 224 1112

Manchester Alexander Technique Training School outing to Wincle, Cheshire
For further information or to arrange a visit, please contact:
Gillian Thorndyke* July 2003
Wendy Broad* July 2003
Pauline Leng July 2004
Miriam Press July 2004
Liz Hulse July 2004
Tom Clough* March 2005
Robin Todd July 2005
Sheila Bulley* July 2005
Giles Smith July 2006
Julia Woodman Dec 2006
Pete Robinson March 2007
Ann Whitehead July 2007
Janice Yule July 2007
Neil Roberts Dec 2007
Sue Fleming March 2008
Alice Burke July 2008
Andrea Walsh Dec 2008
Kathy Charlton Dec 2008
Gillian Pierce July 2009
Julia Roberts March 2010
Marie Leenhardt March 2010
Kim Cant Dec 2010
Ruth Currell Dec 2010
Gerard Healey* Nov 2012
David Hudson Dec 2012
Andy Moorhouse Feb 2013
Jenny Fox Eades April 2014
Annalisa Faenza July 2014
Maggie Bishop July 2014
Karen McCarthy* July 2014
Sue Urquhart March 2016
Kate Jacobs Oct 2016
Charlotte Woods July 2017
Rhiannon Jones Oct 2017

* Transferred from another STAT-approved school.

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